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Why Your Small Home Needs Hardwood Flooring

Posted by Aaron Schaalma on Sep 13, 2016

When you bought a home, you had a list of things you absolutely needed it to have. Unlike the astronaut, space was not one of them. Okay that’s a bad joke, but our point stands that small homes have always been a popular choice for a variety of people.   Without a lot of room […]

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Choosing a Hardwood Floor Stain

Posted by Aaron Schaalma on Sep 02, 2016

  How to pick the perfect color and finish When you’re building or updating a home, it’s normal to fill a space the size of a small room with swatches – 3” squares of paint colors, cabinetry, countertops, and flooring can pile up quick.  Pro Tip: Snatch up as many of these as you can […]

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Hypoallergenic Flooring Solution|Signature Custom Flooring

Posted by Aaron Schaalma on Aug 31, 2016

It is a common occurrence to be afflicted by allergies. Most of us suffer from “allergy season” during the peaks of the season but many of us can continue to experience symptoms throughout the year due to dust, pollen, animal dander, and the like having settled into our homes regardless of how relentless we may […]

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Decorating with Hardwood Floors | Signature Custom Flooring

Posted by Aaron Schaalma on Jun 01, 2016

Decorating with Hardwood Floors     Hardwood floors are renowned for their timeless beauty and effortless elegance. If you have installed them, or chosen a house with them, you know the kind of distinction they can make in a room!   Most wood floors will be pretty simple to clean and maintain. What’s not as […]

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All About UV Cured Hardwood Flooring | Signature Custom Flooring

Posted by Aaron Schaalma on May 24, 2016

All About UV cured hardwood flooring

All About UV Cured Hardwood Flooring   When it comes to projects like installing or refinishing hardwood flooring, it’s not uncommon for customers to underestimate how much time the process will take. Everybody’s short on time, right? Your home needs to be ready to entertain in 17 hours, or your office will be fully functional […]

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Water Front Project: Hardwood Installation

Posted by Aaron Schaalma on May 13, 2016

Each job has a different challenge to it. Come follow us on this project as we take you from start to finish on this hardwood flooring project. In this part, we’ll take you through the installation process and why thsee specific products were needed in order to insure a great end result. There’s more that […]

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