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Foundation Impacts Wood Flooring Installation | Neenah, WI

Posted by Aaron Schaalma on Jun 15, 2017

What’s the most important part of your home? It’s the part you can’t see: the foundation. Without a good foundation, anything built on top of it will quickly deteriorate. Same goes for wood flooring. Without a firm foundation, even the most beautiful wood flooring will quickly buckle, sag, and become uneven. Because foundation is essential […]

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Wood Floor Refinishing at the Speed of (UV) Light

Posted by Aaron Schaalma on May 17, 2017

Five to seven days… That’s how long most wood floors take to cure after refinishing. Can you wait that long to use your floor again? Most homeowners can’t, and so they put off refinishing their hardwood floors, letting them deteriorate until the only cure is a new installation. But what if you didn’t have to […]

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Custom Rubio Monocoat on Walnut|Neenah, Wisconsin

Posted by Aaron Schaalma on Apr 05, 2017

This job took place in Neenah, Wisconsin and there are some pretty cool things we did here. The floor was originally stained a medium brown, which, at the time was good. But like most things, it was time to update the the space’s color. I’m always amazed by how much just changing the color of […]

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Brazilian Cherry Stained Grey|Green Bay, Wisconsin

Posted by Aaron Schaalma on Jan 14, 2017

     Looking at your current interior styling, you decide that you want to make a change. So, you obtain samples to assist you in creating a theme, to ensure that everything goes together. But wait! The hardwood flooring has such a prominent color that you think it’s too difficult to do anything with.  What should […]

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How Reclaimed Wood Flooring Will Transform Your Home

Posted by Aaron Schaalma on Oct 09, 2016

“Barns that once stood and were filled with cows and pigs, Pallets stacked high with armchairs or wigs… Wine casks and bleachers and torn-down buildings Reclaimed wood floors are our favorite things.”   That little verse is a remix.. While our version wasn’t a part of the original Sound of Music score (we couldn’t reach […]

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All About Bamboo Flooring

Posted by Aaron Schaalma on Sep 25, 2016

Bamboo Floor

All About Bamboo Flooring   Pop quiz: How many bamboo items do you have in your home? Maybe a cutting board, Yoga mat? Woven wood window treatments? If you’re a panda, you may have a belly full of it.   In all seriousness, bamboo is an incredible material that comes from a pretty incredible plant. […]

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